TikTokkers predict beauty ‘INs and OUTs’ for 2023. But do experts agree?

Beauty enthusiasts know that TikTok is often the first to report on beauty trends, cult items and trendy ingredients. It’s not surprising that some TikTokkers have shared their beauty predictions 2023. We’ve outlined what’s in and out for 2023. Industry experts also weigh in on their opinions.



@h8myfacelovemyskin says embracing acne will be in by 2023. She says that we saw a lot of these in 2022 but hopes to see even more in 2023. Elaine Yang, Askbella founder, agrees. Every year, we are inundated by new skincare trends, viral hashtags, and cult-like products. This can make the world of skincare a minefield. One trend that should go viral is accepting your acne. It’s time we normalized ‘flaws.’


The show’s 3D viral looks are created by Donni Davy, a lead Euphoria makeup artist who works with actors such as Hunter Schafer and Alexa Demie. She told Elle she hopes that the look will allow “people to feel they can pair bright colors with rhinestones and glitter and bring it into everyday clothing like it’s no big deal.”


@h8myfacelovemyskin predicts that sunscreen will be in for 2023. She says, “Sunscreen.” Speak with me: SUNSCREEN !!”. Biologi Dermal specialist Lucy Macdougald concurs, “We know that the sun is harmful to our skin.” Although a little sun is beneficial, exposure to the sun on a regular basis or for long periods can be harmful. Every person should apply sunscreen every day (and all throughout the day). The harmful UV rays can still enter your home through the windows, even if you spend most of your time indoors. Apply a broad spectrum SPF 50+ to protect yourself and follow the guidelines of Cancer Council.

Prioritizing SKIN BARIER

It could be argued that prioritising skin barrier should be a trend every year. @h8myfacelovemyskin says that a healthy barrier is essential for healthy-looking skin. They predict it will be a major trend in 2023. “Prioritising your skin barrier. Elaine Yang, founder of askbella, explains how repairing the damaged barrier function is crucial to reducing the symptoms of skin conditions like eczema. Keep your skincare routine simple and avoid over-exfoliating. Use a gentle cleanser instead. Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser offers a gentle option to cleanse the skin without stripping it of its natural oils.


@courtneyhartmakeup says that while those who were born in the 1980s may literally shudder, “thin or no brows will continue to be popular.” We have spent years trying to grow back our over-plucked brows of the 80s and 1990s, but it turns out, you can simply pick up your tweezer and pluck. Bella Hadid, Julia Fox and Nicola Peltz are responsible for the trend of the thin brow.


“Skincare which acts as make-up. Youthforia is a good example. TikTokker @h8myfacelovemyskin says that hydrating serums and moisturizers are on the rise. Biologi’s Derma Specialist Lucy Macdougald shares this sentiment and says that it is important to listen to your skin. There is such a concept as overdoing it when it comes our skincare routines. It is not only liberating but also healthy to simplify a complex skincare routine and use multi-purpose products. Too many products or ingredients can have negative effects on your skin. First, it can be stripped of its natural oils it needs to maintain a pH balance. This is usually done by over-cleansing or exfoliating. Exfoliating with multiple acids can cause irritation, redness and even blemishes. Second, if you layer active ingredients that don’t belong together in your skincare routine, it can cause irritation and redness. It can cancel out any benefits, or worse, cause adverse reactions.


I’m hoping to see more of these in 2023. I’m hoping to see more of these in 2023.” Says @h8myfacelovemyskinand the experts agree. Eryn Béhan, NEEV Collagen’s founder, agrees. She says she created her brand because of the need to find products that were backed up by science. “I wanted to create a product that combined health and beauty and was supported by research and science. Our bodies produce less and less collagen as we age. This leads to wrinkles, dry skin, and a loss of elasticity. It’s a good idea to take a collagen supplement in order to replenish the body’s natural collagen loss. However, I could not find a supplement that I liked and that was scientifically proven. It was then that I decided to make my own. NEE-V has been scientifically proven. This means that the formula is supported by the governing body. “We’ve invested a lot of energy, time and research in our product to ensure that it produces the best outcome possible. I’m confident we’ve delivered our mission.”



“Outs. Make-up wipes. @h8myfacelovemyskin says: “Honestly, I don’t think they have been around for long but I do know that some of you still use make-up wipes.” Biologi’s Dermatologist Lucy Macdougald concurs: “Please try to stop using single-use makeup wipes!” Make-up wipes may seem like an easy way to remove makeup, but not only are they full of harsh chemicals, they can also be bad for the environment. Choose a Microfibrecloth instead of a make-up wipe. Microfibre pads are small, reusable pads which look and feel similar to a small towel. You only need to apply water on the cloth, and then gently wipe the face with it to remove makeup. The water loosens the makeup and dirt on the surface, while the tiny fibres hold the particles away from your skin.


@courtneyhartmakeup forecasts a shift away from “uber glossy highlighted skin” to a soft matte finish. Courtney says that ‘this will not be done using a lot make-up. It will be done cleanly, with more powder than glassy skin. Highlighters will be used more strategically, and the skin will look vintage.


Elaine Yang, the founder of askbella, echoes this sentiment by saying that “many people do not realise that dry skin and dead cells actually serve a purpose.” It protects it from environmental stresses and shouldn’t be scrubbed constantly. If you exfoliate daily or twice a day, it could remove the protective layer from your skin. This can expose it to more things such as pollution or sun exposure. Try to limit your exfoliation to just once or twice per week if you have a habit of doing so. You’ll get all the benefits from exfoliation without damaging your skin or causing irritation.

Picking your Pimples

Picking your pimples. @h8myfacelovemyskin exclaims “OUT!” Elaine Yang, the founder of askbella tends to agree with this (but is also in disagreement). In most cases, it is best to avoid squeezing pimples. In some cases, a pimple can be painful, distracting or uncomfortable. You can squeeze a pimple if you are in a dire situation and need to get rid of it. However, tread carefully. It is best to take a hot shower (the steam helps open your pores) before you squeeze a pimple. Then, thoroughly clean the area with a double cleansing (this is an instance when a double cleaning is recommended). Finally, using a tissue on your fingers to gently press the pimple. It will hopefully ease the pressure, but stop pressing once you see any clear liquid on the surface. After you reach this point, let it be. Please, don’t touch it. Avoid putting anything else on it, including skincare products unless they are specifically designed for pimples. Then give it some time to heal.


@courtneyhartmakeup forecasts a move towards cooler tones in make-up. “Less bronzers and more greys, lavenders and taupes. Just more cool tones”. Could Wednesday, the TV series, have been the inspiration for this trend? Only time will reveal!