This summer, detoxify and hydrate your skin to be proud of it.

Summer skin needs a little more attention, especially when it comes hydration. Detoxifying and hydrating your skin is important for summer.

We’ve recently discovered a winning combination of Sorbet Skin & Detox Tonic by the popular vegan brand SkinProud.

Skin Proud is known for showcasing models with all their imperfections. Skin Proud is proud to celebrate real skin. All of its images are free of retouching. The brand’s innovative products embrace sustainability in their core philosophy.

Sorbet Skin, a new moisturiser that is jelly-like in consistency and instantly refreshing thanks to its gel-like texture. It is suitable for daily use and contains no oil. It provides instant hydration, without a heavy formula.

This moisturiser contains a four-part hyaluronic complex that delivers results at every level. It also includes cooling rose flower water for renewal and restoration.

Skin Proud’s Detox Tonic, which helps to maintain your summer glow with a gentle AHA blend, is enriched with a green apple extract to add moisture and niacinamide for skin balance, aloe to soothe and cool, and hyaluronic to keep skin plump.

Detox Tonic unclogs and removes dead skin, while improving the texture and tone of your skin. You can use it either morning or evening.

These skin products won’t break your budget. Skin Proud’s Sorbet skin is only $25.99, and Detox Tonic costs $27.99.