Protect skin with RAAIE SPF50+ Sun Milk Drops

Tests and trials are necessary to find the best sunscreen, especially for New Zealanders, who face harsh UV rays.

The tinted SPF50+ sunblock by the award-winning New Zealand company RAAIE, is made from 100% minerals and feels as silky and sheer as a chemical sunscreen.

Katey Mandy spent three years working on the formula for the sunscreen. She says that choosing the best sunscreen can be difficult.

Chemical sunscreens may feel good on the skin, but they can have negative effects on our bodies and environment. The alternative until now was mineral sunscreens, which often left an oily-white cast on the face.

“Sun Milk Drops is better for the environment and safer for you. After just one application, chemical-based sunscreens can be detected in the bloodstream. Mineral sunscreens are applied to the skin’s surface and act as a shield, protecting the skin from harmful UV rays,” says Katey.

Sun Milk Drops is designed to be used on a daily basis. It provides protection immediately after application. This is unlike chemical sunscreens which require that you wait between 15 and 20 minutes to step outside.

Sun Milk Drops has been designed to reduce the risk of white casts with non-nanozinc oxide. Sun Milk Drops has a peachy-toned tint that helps to even out skin tones. It also gives a subtle glow under makeup.

Sun Milk Drops comes in a ceramic-like bottle that continues to maintain the minimalist aesthetics of the brand. It is also refillable with a collection.