Olivia Scott – Wellness Series

Olivia Scott is an Author, Energy healer & Coach from Grey Lynn in Auckland. You’ll usually find her working in her Healing Studio with 1-1 clients during the day. She also enjoys hiking, cooking and practicing yoga.

After working as a guest business mentor with Maybelline for young entrepreneurs in 2018, she started coaching businesses. She continued to work as a business coach after selling her company in early 2019. She also obtained her Reiki Master Teacher qualification, which further strengthened her intuition and understanding of energy.


Olivia has worked in many industries and age groups, from media and design to beauty and wellness. She is passionate about sharing and using the skills that she has developed and learned as both a businesswoman and energy healer.


We spoke to Olivia as part of our Wellness Series to celebrate the launch NEW care Edition The Beauty Book. She shared her wellness routine.


What is your favorite way to relax after a long day?


I walk before dinner depending on how energetic I am. Even if I’m tired, reading a book for just 10-20 minutes can help me let go of my day. It is important for me to change from my work clothes into something lighter and more comfortable. After a busy day, I like to take an Epsom-salt bath and write down my thoughts so that I won’t be thinking about them before I go to sleep.


What is your most important self-care practice?


Make sure I have enough time (but not too many!) Inward and outward time must be balanced. For me, inward time is about spending alone time for reflection, nature, rest, or journaling. For me, outward time means spending quality time with my loved ones, being creative, meeting new people, or attending social/networking events. When I get enough sleep, I’m able to be my best when I’m out.


Has the unexpected circumstances that have occurred in the past 18 months affected the way you view self-care and how do you feel about it?


I now understand what true productivity is. I don’t think that time is always equated with output anymore. When pressure is removed and there is time to pause we can make better choices. Now I see how real self-care can impact how much clarity we have and the impact we make in our lives.


What would you tell your younger self about health and wellness?


Drink plenty of water, and don’t take your health for granted. It’s really quite simple to maintain good health – eat lots of vegetables, stay natural and move your body.


What’s your favorite affirmation?


The way we treat ourselves reflects how we view ourselves. The kinder we are to our bodies, the better off we will feel.