New Body Standard Kit encourages mindfulness rituals

Simplify your skin care routine with Kit: is an exciting brand which encourages bodycare rituals that are designed to nourish and nurture the ecosystem of our skin.

At the core of each kit is a carefully formulated combination that improves skin health from within.

There are no irritants here, just natural goodness and high-quality active ingredients for the face and body.

The Body Standard kit is the newest product in the kit: bodycare range.

The Body Standard Kit, which includes Wellness Wash, Body Nutrition lotion and Urban Hand Salve, is packed in a red terry towel bag and contains a combination of cleansing and nourishing products for the hands and body to support and nourish the skin.

The kit is a collection of essentials that promote a restorative, all-over bodycare routine. Think of everyday alchemy to achieve extraordinary skin, and traditional tonics that will last a lifetime.

Kit: is certified plastic-neutral (for each kilogram of plastic that is released into the environment, a kilogram is collected or recycled). Kit: also offers a cruelty-free vegan range that is 95% packaged in aluminium or glass.