Lauren Gunn, super stylist and hair expert, will show you how to get the perfect look.

Lauren Gunn, owner and creative director of Colleen in Karangahape Road in Auckland, is a hair-and-makeup artist who has a stellar reputation for creating beautiful editorials in her salon as well as with fashion designers, musicians, and filmmakers. Lauren Gunn is at home creating hair and make-up looks for advertising campaigns, runways, music videos, editorials, television and magazine. She is also feeling the effects of Auckland’s length level 4.

She tells me that hair is an amazing thing. It is linked to our wellbeing. Why else does it appear so often in mythology, fairy tales and purakau?” We often turn to our hair during difficult times to boost our hauora. But what can we do when we’re in lockdown, and cannot get to the salon?

Lauren says that the temptation to grab the kitchen scissors or reach for the box dye in the supermarket is real. She recommends some less regrettable methods to scratch that itch.

Brushing your hair. It sounds basic, but it’s a good five minute session of running a brush across your scalp to release tension and stimulate blood flow. Even better if someone else does it for you.

You deserve it. Try a hair masque . It’s not just good for your hair or scalp, but also the sensory experience is well worth the effort. The masks smell and feel amazing, and after they’re rinsed off your hair will feel so silky and soft that you’ll want to run your hands through it for days.

Experiment. Try a different style on YouTube. Practice makes perfect, and you’ll be able to impress your colleagues with your new skills once you return to work.

Color In. Use temporary spray colors to hide any new grey hairs that have appeared. It can give you a little boost, like putting on red lipstick.

Retail therapy. Spend the money that you saved by not going to the hairdresser on something you really want.