Kiwi Brow Innovation: Bored Brows

New Zealand’s beauty industry is thriving. Bored Brows is a locally-developed brow wax.

Bored Brows, the brainchild of Catherine Marshall a longtime browstylist, is her solution for helping women and men keep their eyebrows groomed all year.

Bored Brows- Brow Styling Wax gives you a fluffy, laminated look in just seconds. It is also designed to last the entire day. It is made with 100% New Zealand owned and operated ingredients, and it’s vegan.

No water is needed to activate the formula. Just apply the clear gel, and you’ll have perfectly set eyebrows. It really offers all-day hold.

Catherine, the owner of Lash Loft NZ has been specializing in eyebrows for many years. Catherine became a mother and realized how busy women are with their beauty routines. She began looking for ways to improve her brows between salon visits.

“As the owner of a beauty salon, it is safe to say that I have tried all the products on the market over the last five years. From brow gels which don’t work and leave a white residue, to the inconvenient, water-activated, brow soaps.

There was no substitute for the beautiful brow lamination that you can only get at a salon.

Bored Brows was born out of my desire to create a product that women could use between appointments to maintain their eyebrow shape.

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What was your interest and where did you grow up?

My family moved to New Zealand from Hong Kong when I was 12 years old. Since then, East Auckland has been my home. I attended Auckland University. I am passionate about both food and traveling. Before COVID I would visit my sister every year in Hong Kong and we’d try out new cuisine. Both of us are vegetarians, so it can be a challenge to find good vegetarian restaurants and street food.

What is your career path?

Five years ago, I moved from a corporate environment where I worked as a recruiter to the beauty industry. Since I was a little girl, I have always been fascinated by all things beauty. I am especially interested in lashes and eyebrows. Being Asian, I believe our lashes tend to be very straight and stubborn. I have always been drawn to dolls, cartoons and anyone with long curly lashes. After graduating University, I took the expected path of working my way through the corporate world. However, it was not everything I wanted as far as levels of enjoyment were concerned.

Why did you change careers?

My long-term relationship ended unexpectedly, and my fiance called off our wedding just months before the date we were supposed to get married. It was a very difficult time. I decided to step out of my comfort zones and volunteer to work in Vietnam, Cambodia and an elephant sanctuary. The experience was life-changing.

Lash Loft was something I had always wanted to start when I returned to New Zealand.

I traveled to Melbourne, Australia for intensive training with an excellent trainer at Brows and Lashes. I learned about the industry and business and became fully qualified. It was the best thing I’ve ever done.

What is your experience in the beauty industry like?

Every day I am truly happy because I do something that I love. I love my job, and I also love the beauty industry and community where women help and support each other even if we are competitors in the same field. This support was especially important during COVID. I am so grateful to be on this journey and that I love coming to work each day.

What three things would you like everyone to know about Bored Brows?

Our formula is cruelty-free and vegan. It’s also non-activating – meaning no water required, unlike other brow soaps.

It takes only seconds to get full, laminated brows that last all day.

We are an all-female, New Zealand-owned business.

Have you got a mentor in business or admired businessperson?

Annemarie Mason, from RevitaLash, is a true inspiration for me. It’s admirable how hard she worked to build her business, how she helped other women, and what a kindhearted person she was.