Karen Murrell introduces Kera Kisses, a new lipstick made of wool

Karen Murrell, the innovator of lipsticks, has done it once again. Karen Murrell, the founder of internationally successful New Zealand lip-gloss brand Karen Murrell, has launched Kera Kisses. This new lipstick was created in collaboration between New Zealand company Wool Source.

Kera Kisses, a product that is believed to have been a first in the world, is made using Wool Source’s new innovative activated keratin from deconstructed fibres of wool.

Kera Kisses, the first lipstick from Karen Murrell to use keratin-infused technology, is a deep, rich red that is designed to protect and nourish lips. It also contains a pigment derived from wool to increase colour, moisture, and longevity.

The ultra-fine powder of keratin is not noticeable in the application. It is smooth and non-gritty.

This super-hydrating formula gives lips a next level of moisture. The pigmentation is true and stays in place by kissing your lips together.

She says that the colour of the lipstick deepens as you apply it. It has a long-lasting effect and is deeply hydrating. I would describe the look once it’s applied as a moist lipstick.

It’s comfortable to wear and has a wonderful comfort factor. Like a warm wool blanket it feels great.

Karen is especially excited to launch this product, as she comes from a rural background. She grew up in Te Awamutu.

She was also impressed by the transparency and traceability, since the keratin is derived from healthy, happy sheep at Westmere Farm, near Ashburton, in the South Island.

She says that “the design on the box is an actual shot of the farm where the sheep come from.” Transparency is important to me. The fact that the ingredient has been certified as vegetarian, halal kosher, and cruelty-free gives me full confidence in its integrity.

Karen Murrell Kera Kisses, $31.99.