How to: Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs will continue to be the most popular hairstyle in 2021. This face-framing style can be achieved by any hair type – curly or straight. Curtain bangs look great after a visit to the hair salon, but they need to be styled and maintained at home.

Moroccanoil Global Director of Creative Antonio Corral Calero has shared some tips on how to keep your bangs looking beautiful.



Step 1 Apply Moroccanoil treatment to damp hair, from the mid-lengths to the ends.


Step 2– Apply a palm-sized quantity of Volumising mousse, from the mid-length towards the ends.


Step 3When lifting the hair away from your scalp, apply Root Boost. Blow-dry gently until the hair is still about 40% wet.


Step 4I start by drying the bangs using a medium-sized round brush, and then rolling them to the back. We soften and round the ends to create a natural curve. Once the bangs have dried, I pin in a large roundel and then dry the rest of your hair.


Step 5 There are many ways to blow dry hair and create the perfect blowout, while maintaining hair moisture:


Even if your hair is straight, a diffuser will give it a more natural appearance. The diffusor keeps hair’s natural texture. Then, you can use a curling-iron and Texture Spray for some waves. This will blend the bangs in with the rest. Separate the hair down the middle and comb it with your fingers.


Use the same products, but use a diffuser-free blow dryer to create a polished look. Begin with the bangs and dry them with a round comb. Pin them in place to give them that bounce when you let them go. Blow-dry the hair in small sections, using a round brush. Continue to blow-dry hair all the way to the roots for extra volume.



Step 6 Comb the hair with your fingers, from the front to the back. Apply Luminous Medium Hairspray for the final touch.

Antonio says that curtain bangs are great because they can be styled to any length of hair. The quality of the products you use is what makes a difference. Moroccanoil will make your hair look beautiful, no matter if it’s natural, sophisticated or a combination.


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