Holistic beauty and health from the inside-out

Collagen has certainly been in the spotlight over the past few years. There are collagen supplements everywhere and endless discussion about the role that collagen plays in aging. Does collagen really provide the secret to glowing, beautiful skin?

Well. It depends on quality. That’s why collagen experts will tell you that there are two types of collagen: Adashiko collagen and other collagens. Adashiko, founded in 2013 by Japanese beauty expert Yuko Arquette was created to create high-quality collagen that could be ingested to maintain and restore the skin from within.

Luci Firth, a Hawke’s Bay resident, owns and operates Adashiko today. Our team is guided by the heart but backed up by science. Adashiko’s collagen powders, and its growing skincare range are still made in Japan according to international standards.

We won’t compromise on quality, ever. Adashiko Collagen comes from Japan, the world’s leading collagen manufacturer and developer.

We knew that we had to dig deep when it came to collagen powders to support your health from the inside. Adashiko contains Type I, II and III collagen to provide full health and beauty benefits. Pure and Ultra contain Type I + II collagen, plus Joint is a blend of the three.

Our collagen molecules may be small, but they are mighty. Adashiko Collagen has a low molecular mass of 3000 Daltons. It is highly bioavailable. Our collagen molecules travel through your bloodstream to the cells of your body, where they stimulate fibroblasts and cartilage to produce new collagen.

Our collagen powders have no artificial sweeteners or flavours, are odourless and tasteless, and contain no harmful ingredients. They were created with your health and wellbeing in mind. The finest collagen available in New Zealand, along with advanced ingredients for hair, skin and nail care, gut and joint health, and body. The collagen is heat-stable and fully dissolvable. It can be added to anything you like – coffee or tea, smoothies, juices. baking, snacks, cocktails, even cocktails.

We believe that it’s important to love, care for, and respect the skin in which you live. To take your skincare further, we proudly developed a collection coveted collagen skincare. This range transforms your daily skincare routine into an indulgent skin ritual.

Adashiko skincare contains the finest peptide marine and pure collagens, as well as advanced ingredients that are designed to stimulate the skin’s natural collagen production. The sensory experience will make skin look and feel more hydrated and healthy, while also reducing age spots and pigmentation.

Adashiko’s products are so popular in a world of choices, and we feel humbled by the devotion of our customers. Simply because they are in line with our holistic, clean and considered ethos. It is a great feeling to see a company grow that has become a part of people’s lifestyles around the world.

We have everything you need for health, beauty and wellness, from skincare starter kits to Adashiko essentials and health and beauty starter sets.