Hello, Thea Matcha Hojicha!

Hojicha is the latest matcha trend. It has nearly 50,000,000 hits on TikTok. This is a popular choice for those who want a caffeine-free option.

Hojicha is the latest matcha product to join the summer lineup.

Hojicha is brown, unlike matcha (because its leaves are roasted instead of steamed as matcha), and has a similar earthy colour to coffee. But that’s about it.

Hojicha’s low caffeine content is one of its most popular features. Hojicha contains 1.7g of caffeine per 100g, while matcha has 3.2g. Coffee has 40g. Hojicha can be a good alternative to coffee for those who enjoy their morning beverage but do not want to experience the anxiety or jitters that are often associated with it,” says Thea Matcha co-founder Enna Y. Together with her cousin May Chen, they have dedicated themselves to showcasing Matcha in New Zealand with their business Thea Matcha.

Matcha is a passion for the self-proclaimed matcha obsessives. They are more committed to the ingredient than the average Kiwi. Thea was founded by the two to address their frustrations with the lack of quality matcha available in New Zealand. They continue to expand their range, and Hojicha has been added to the mix.

Enna says that if you have ever tasted matcha, it may taste bitter and grassy.

You’ve likely tried matcha that is meant for cooking. You’ll taste the difference when you buy a premium matcha – it will be smooth, delicate and full of flavour. “The way matcha should taste.”

Since 2016, the Kiwi couple has been curating Thea Matcha, bringing matcha flavours and matcha education to market. Matcha is popularly used in drinks (hot or cold), smoothies, and baking. But not all matcha experiences are good. Enna & May are passionate about Thea, and they source matcha that is of the highest quality.

Thea Matcha, which is sourced directly from a Kyoto green tea farm (certified organic by the Japanese Agricultural Standard), is of high quality. According to May, the difference is evident in the taste.

Thea Matcha is a quality matcha that has no bitterness, but offers incredible health benefits, such as increasing your immunity and being high in antioxidants. It’s a great substitute for coffee.

Thea Matcha, also known as ceremonial or first flush, is harvested in the spring. Below are the leaves.

Hojicha, a finely ground roasted powder made from organic green tea leaves, is quite different from matcha. Enna says that roasting the leaves on charcoal at 150C results in a powder with a toasty and nutty flavour.

The leaves are roasted and then finely ground to a powdery substance that easily dissolves in water. Hojicha is best made with milk for a creamy latte. However, it’s also traditionally drunk with water.