Hello Disc, New Zealand’s sustainable period Company launches the Hello Disc

Hello Cup launched the first menstrual disk with a looped tab for removal. The Hello Disc is the result of a design collaboration between Kim Rosas from the US and period product expert.

The period care industry has not innovated much in the past 40 years. Hello co-founder Robyn McClean says that the Hello Disc is a game changer.

Hello DiscTM can be removed easily and without mess thanks to the double-looped tab, a patent-pending invention. The tab was also designed specifically to help people who have difficulty removing menstrual cups or tampons.

Rosas has more than 10,000,000 views across Period Nirvana’s social media on her period education videos. She said that the collaboration is a dream.

“I have tested more than 60 menstrual discs and cups. Almost all claimed to “change the game”, but the Hello Disc double-looped tab DOES change the game for women. This is not a buzzword. The design is comfortable, intuitive and accessible. It will blow people away. “The design collaboration between two continents on Zoom during the pandemic was challenging, but we succeeded!”

McLean stated that they have received messages from around the globe asking when the Hello DiscTM would be launched.
It’s crazy. It’s amazing. The word is out, largely because Kim was so excited to see her vision become a reality. Kim’s followers are loyal to her, and she is a great resource for anyone who wants to get rid of single-use period product but doesn’t know how to begin.

McLean founded the Hello Cup in New Zealand with her best friend Mary Bond, a registered nurse.

We had no idea when we began if people would try something new, but we knew sustainable period products are not only better on the planet but also for the user.

We’d like to have more transparency in the market for consumers. Knowledge is power, but we are still hesitant to talk about period products and periods.

The Hello Disc, which is hypoallergenic, is made from soft silicone of medical grade. The Hello Disc can hold the equivalent of five tampons, or pads. It is safe to leave in for eight hours.