Have you ever heard of Sun Care Capsules?

You can protect yourself against dark spots and photoaging by protecting your skin from the inside. What! What?


You may have noticed that you are prone to sunburns after spending too much time in the sun. This is especially true with New Zealand’s harsh UV rays.



Heliocare is a leader in the sun protection market. It offers a wide range of topical sunblocks, but what sets Heliocare apart are its globally recognized capsules that help to improve skin resistance to sun damage as soon as the first capsule is taken.



Heliocare Capsules, manufactured by Cantabria Labs with Fernblock(r) are an antioxidant daily supplement that helps boost the skin’s natural sun protection. They can also repair damage caused by sun exposure.

The capsules can be used with topical protection to provide uniform and homogenous protection for the entire body, including the hard-to-reach parts like the ears and scalp.





Fernblock, a supercharged antioxidant derived from ferns that supports the skin’s response against free radicals, has been studied in science for more than 20 years. Free radicals have the potential to alter the DNA structure over time and even cause cancer.



Fernblock, the main active ingredient in Heliocare products, has been proven to increase the skin’s ability to resist sunburn. Its protection extends across the entire spectrum of radiation, protecting the skin from specific damage caused by UVB, UVA and Visible IR radiation. Heliocare capsules can also prevent the long-term effects of sun exposure, such as skin allergies or premature aging.



Heliocare also offers a full line of suncare products, including topical sunscreens formulated to suit every skin type. Heliocare’s products are effective and safe for everyone, including children. A gentle Pediatrics line is available.



Heliocare capsules combined with topical sunblock will provide the skin with the most effective protection against sun damage. This is something to celebrate in the summer.