Hair extensions from New Zealand’s Best

Hair extensions are a great solution for many hair problems.

They can be a great way to boost your mood and give you instant gratification. But, as with anything beauty related, do some research before buying. Extensions are used to create many of the most desirable hairstyles. The latest international trends suggest that hair extensions should be used for volume rather than length.

It is important to use undetectable techniques to highlight and enhance your style. If you have a bob you may want to add more thickness to your base, and if you have long hair, you may want to add volume.

It is important to seek expert advice. First, assess the health of your scalp. Then discuss what you hope to achieve with extensions and whether it is possible. Kate Jarrett, Auckland’s hair extensions expert, founded the Loxy’s Hair Boutique in a small cabin on her lawn ten years back. She now runs two busy salons and a wholesale company, offering what is considered to be some of the best extension services in the country. She and her team have two salons, one in Commercial Bay and one in Ponsonby. They work with many different hair types.


The right method to use will depend on your budget, hair type and preference. You pay for what you receive. Jarrett describes the most popular methods in New Zealand:

Traditional weave: Your natural hair is braided from ear-to-ear in rows and wefts are woven onto the braids (with thread).

Bonds When individual hair strands fuse to your natural hair by using a micro ring or, in the case Fusion Bonds with heat.

Tape in: Attaches wefts to your hair by using double-sided adhesive tape.

Micro Wefts Loxy’s has made this popular in New Zealand. It is a combination between the traditional weaving method and the sewing of a small portion of the client’s hair through the weave and securing it using a micro ring.