ghd celebrates 20 years

We can celebrate ghd’s 20 years of good days because we all love a good day.

Ghd is a pioneer in the development of new technology and designs for the world’s most advanced hair styling tools. Ghd’s R&D labs in Cambridge, UK are staffed by top scientists who develop the most advanced hair tools. They have become a staple in the lives of women and hair stylists worldwide.

At The Beauty Book we were surprised to learn that Ghd sells 5 iconic products every minute and 2 million stylers each year!

Ludovic Dellazzeri, ghd ANZ Managing director, says that “ghd is always at the forefront in hair, whether its new innovations for stylists and women, or setting trends on runways around the world. We want to set the stage for 2021 by imagining what good hair days will look like in the future. This means more collaborations and product innovation, as well as new levels of luxury indulgence. We want to celebrate our 20-year journey with all of our partners in the industry and with consumers. “We want to inspire and empower them so that they can continue to create good hair days.”

In celebration of its 20-year anniversary, ghd has launched the Limited Edition Hair-itage Couture Collection, which includes the award-winning Platnium+ Styler as well as the Helios hair dryer, Gold Styler, and Style Gift Set. This futuristic collection features a unique ombre-chrome design, with the exclusive ghd TH 20 anniversary mark.

Platinum+ styler

The ultimate SMART styling tool, with Ultrazone(tm), a revolutionary technology that adapts to the hair you have and how you style it, predicting what your hair needs are and controlling heat more efficiently. This gives your hair 70% more strength*, twice as much colour protection*, and 20% more shine**.

*Reduced breakage, and 2x less color fade when compared to a styler that works at 230oC
*Proven to give hair more shine than naturally dried hair

RRP $410 includes luxury chrome heat resistant bag

Amanda Basher from The Beauty Book, the publisher of The Limited Edition Platinum+ Styler, has recently tested it.

“I have naturally curly and straighten my hair daily, so a good styling product (and heat protecting spray) are key to protect my natural hair. Since I purchased my first styler in 1995, I have been a loyal customer of ghd. I was using the Gold Styler most recently.

The Ultrazone(tm), technology was something I wanted to experience first-hand as I have straightened my hair so much. As I straightened my hair, the first thing that struck me was how smoothly each section of hair glided through the styler. I also didn’t have to straighten each section several times, which saved me time. My hair was straighter, less frizzy, and shinier during the day. “This styler is a real game-changer, and I’m hooked!”

Helios Hair Dryer

The ghd Helios(tm), with its unique Aeroprecis ™, technology, and contoured nozzle, puts you in control of the salon blow-dry.

Natural hair vs. *

RRP: $340

Gold Styler

The ghd Gold(tm), the iconic styler, features Dual-Zone Technology for superior performance that delivers salon-quality results. Hair is smoother, healthier and sleeker.

In a study of 128 consumers, the majority agreed that ghd Gold(r), compared to ghdV(r), produced hair that was smoother, more lustrous, and healthier-looking.

RRP $35 with luxury chrome heat resistant bag

Style Gift Set

Exclusive 20th Anniversary Chrome Washbag with Must-Have Styling Accessories: Mini Paddle Brushes, Bodyguard Heat Protector Spray in travel size and 2x Good Hair Day Silver clips.