Experts’ Predictions for 2023 Beauty Trends

Trends are constantly changing. Some trends disappear as quickly as they appear, while others remain for many years. Industry experts share their predictions of the key beauty trends for 2023.


AI is the future of beauty and it’s clear that more people will adopt this technology in 2023. What is AI, exactly? Elaine Yang, founder of askbella gives a simple explanation: “AI is artificial intelligence. We use computers to mimic human capabilities.” AI is a system that uses past data and processes it in a way to make predictions and learn.

It’s not as futuristic as it may sound. AI has existed for many years, so it is not surprising that it is now starting to be used in the beauty industry.

Askbella, an Australian beauty platform, uses AI to recommend products based on a user’s skin. This tech uses AI systems which combine large data sets with intelligent and iterative algorithms that have learned from patterns within the data analysed. This feature uses data that is already known to determine a skincare regimen that will be beneficial for the user.

If a customer is dry, for example, the AI algorithm can recommend moisturisers best suited to their skin type. The algorithm can also recommend products that other customers with similar skin conditions have liked or recommended. The beauty industry has been using big data to create new products and predict trends for many years. AI has the advantage of being able to do things faster and more efficiently than humans.


In 2022, ingestible beauty products, such as collagen powders and acne capsules were very popular. They’re not likely to disappear anytime soon. Why should they? Many products are already proven and the technology is only improving formulas. Chances are, if you haven’t yet embraced beauty supplements, 2023 is the year you will. Eryn B. Behan, NEEV’s founding member, says that beauty supplements are becoming more popular because they are easy to incorporate into daily routines.

These supplements help to replenish the collagen we lose as we age. As someone who is vegetarian and not getting enough iron in their diet might take iron supplements, people can take collagen to replenish themselves (knowing the body produces less collagen as they age).


The simplicity of Intuitive beauty is what makes it so popular. It’s all about listening to your skin. This means that you need to monitor what your skin is doing and apply your skincare according to its needs. Biologi’s Derma Specialist Lucy Macdougald says, “Intuitive beauty is about listening your intuition and to what your skin wants to tell you. It’s written on your face.” Listening to your skin is the new way to go. Gone are those days when you applied a skincare regimen mindlessly (just because that’s what we’ve always done). Consumers are now relying more on choosing the right skincare products for their skin every day than on outdated practices. Intuitive Beauty is the idea of understanding the needs of the skin and selecting a product solely based on those needs. It allows you to work on the skin at a cellular scale, rather than using synthetic ingredients which can do more harm than benefit. “Intuitive Beauty gives the consumer control over their skincare regimen for faster and longer lasting results.”

Observe what is happening to your skin. Does it look a bit dry? It’s probably time to increase your water consumption and use a serum that hydrates. Look oily? You may have damaged your skin’s natural cycle, causing it to produce too much oil. You can reduce the amount of oil your skin produces by reducing how much you clean or exfoliate. Consider how your lifestyle and diet can impact your skin, and decide whether you need to make changes.


Most people are aware that our mental and physical well-being is connected to the mind. Self-care is important, and 2023 could be the year you start prioritising it.

As lysn psychology Nancy Sokarno says, “Self-care is a vital part of every person’s daily routine because it has many benefits.” Self-care can help your mind and body relax and relieve stress. You can also reduce or avoid the symptoms of anxiety and stress by taking time to rejuvenate and reset. Self-care is clinically proven by studies to reduce anxiety, depression, stress, improve concentration and happiness, improve energy and more. Self-care includes a variety of activities, such as taking a bath and reading a book while watching your favorite TV show or exercising. It can also include a healthy sleep routine, without stimulants and screens, a nutritious meal, and a chat with your best friend.