Essano: Save your hair this winter with Essano

Why is winter so bad for our hair? Winter is known to be a stressful time for our hair. Between the freezing winds, the dry heating and the frigid temperatures, there’s no wonder that we end up with frizzy ends and dull shine.

essano launched its new line of haircare products just in time for the winter. These new products will protect your scalp and hair, minimize the harsh effects from the cold weather, and keep you hair in tip-top shape throughout the winter.

Reduce the heat to improve hair and scalp health

Showering with extra hot water will increase the heat in our scalps. Although it may be tempting to use hot water during the winter months, it will strip moisture from hair leaving it brittle and dry. Cold temperatures also cause scalps to become itchy and flaky. These products are specially formulated to fight the root cause of flaking dandruff. They will remove flakes without drying out the scalp, reduce irritation, and restore the natural sebum secretion.

Protect Your Colour

You want to go darker for the season. Protect your winter tones and don’t let your salon investment go down the drain. The Colour Lock and Shine Due is formulated with caviar-lime extract, which contains antioxidants and vitamins and protects hair against fading.

The essano Weekly Repair and Tone Mask is perfect for blondes. It neutralises brassiness, and restores the original blonde, grey, and silver tones. Violet Leaf Extract, organic Macadamia Oil and other natural ingredients soften, smooth and hydrate hair.

Choose a mask that offers deep conditioning

You can damage your hair with dry air conditioning and cold, windy weather. So, treat your hair to a deep conditioning treatment regularly to keep it strong and hydrated. You can choose between essano’s Keratin 2 minute Hair Repair Mask, which penetrates deeply into the hair fibres to restore and protect them from within. Or if you want to hydrate your hair from deep down, try essano’s Intense Hydration Mask. This miracle treatment infuses moisture into dull, dry and lifeless hair, restoring softness. For an extra boost of keratin, add essano’s Keratin Shampoo & Conditioner.