Emma Lewisham launches Goop by Gwyneth paltrow

Emma Lewisham, a cult New Zealand skincare company, continues to impress on the global scene. It is the first New Zealand-based brand to be launched on Gwyneth Paltrow’s online Goop.

Emma Lewisham has set a new benchmark in the skincare industry. The luxury, science-based brand is already making a name for itself in Australasia.

Emma Lewisham is also the first positive beauty brand in the world to be certified by Toitu Envirocare’s Climate Positive Certification. She has received personal endorsements from Dr Jane Goodall, an environmentalist.

The eponymous company is experiencing a meteoric ascent, with a mission to make a positive difference on the skin and planet. Emma Lewisham is on a mission to redefine beauty by creating high-performance, natural formulas, and introducing climate-positive sustainability measures. She has turned the traditional formulating approach on its head, focusing on how different ingredient combinations work together to produce superior results.

Goop has launched the brand as New Zealand’s first beauty brand.

We’re proud that this is Goop’s very first New Zealand-based brand launch. “Since the inception of our brand, we have set out to create an innovative vision of beauty by focusing on product innovation and sustainability,” says Emma Lewisham.

Emma Lewisham will reach new audiences around the world with our launch on Goop. We are so excited to begin this new journey together with Goop.

The entire Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle range is refillable, reusable and recyclable.

Goop has brought Emma Lewisham’s best-selling products to the US, including the Supernatural Face Oil , Illuminating Oil Wash and Supernatural Face Creme.