Askbella, the AI-powered skincare tool

It can be difficult to know what products work and which ones don’t, with so many options.

Recently, Askbella was launched in Australia to solve this problem.

askbella, an AI-powered tool, uses data and intelligence in order to digitally prescribe the best skincare regimen for your skin. This digital tool was designed to be able to match skincare products to skin types, and deliver a tailored regimen without having to trial and error.

The Beauty BookElaine Yang, founder of Askbella, talks about the use of AI and data to help with skincare.

When was Askbella launched in Australia

askbella launched officially in Australia in 2021, with Australia’s very first beauty bot. Since then, we have evolved our technology and launched our Skinalyser (r), an AI technology that uses Machine Learning to understand skin types, ingredients, and make accurate product suggestions for users.

Skinalyser (r) by askbella makes recommendations based solely on data and not brand promotion or marketing influences. Customers get unbiased advice without having to sort through marketing offers. The customer is put first, as the tailored skincare solution is based solely on their skin type.

How do you count the brands that are part of Askbella?

Askbella currently offers more than 100 different brands, including AlphaH and Skinstitut. Clarins Dermalogica COSRX Clinique plus over 1000 products. We plan to continue growing and add a variety of new brands and products to our site throughout the year.

How did the concept for Askbella begin?

My personal experience was that I felt overwhelmed with choices when shopping for beauty products. We buy so many products based on our own guesswork and not science. Like many others, I spent hundreds of dollars buying beauty products but still had not found the right products for my skin.

It was also clear that I made purchases based primarily on brand promotion or marketing gimmicks, and not on what I thought would be best for my skin. I wanted people to have a place to go for unbiased advice based on science and not marketing offers.

Askbella has been in development for over two years to ensure that we build the best platform using the right technology. My mission was to make sure we continued to grow. It was always my mission to ensure that we continue to evolve.

The Skinalyser by askbella is completely free and gives customers tailored results. Customers can fill out the free two-minute quiz to obtain their personalised skincare recommendations.