Art and umbrellas collide in a new BLUNT x Misery successful collaboration

Her latest collaboration is an eclectic and joyous celebration of the Year of the Water Rabbit. It is inspired by the Lunar New Year of 2023, and it is showcased on limited edition Blunt umbrellas.

The Misery design, inspired by her Chinese heritage while remaining true to her signature styling, makes the Blunt umbrella an equally iconic work of art. It is now available in stores and online.

The design is based on a black umbrella and features vibrant pops of color, including playful rabbits, Goldfish, and vibrant Lotus Flowers amidst flowing water. The umbrella also pays homage to Misery, as some of the daikon and carrot characters are hidden around it.

Tanja says, “I love Chinese symbology surrounding rabbits. They are peaceful souls that represent mercy, beauty and elegance.”

The versatile artist collaborates with Blunt for the second time. Her first collaboration was a design equally as delicious, featuring dreamy fishes and flowers in vibrant colours.

Tanja has three daughters and loves to spend time with them, while also creating art in the sunroom studio behind her Grey Lynn house.

I love my office; it is cosy, has amazing natural lighting and opens onto our garden. The girls and I enjoy spending time in our garden. I find it very calming. I love to dance, listen to music and do yoga. I also enjoy exploring places in nature and taking photographs.”

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What inspired your creative career?

I always knew I wanted to do something creative as an adult. Since I was a child, I have always enjoyed drawing and painting. As a teenager I became interested in graffiti and street art. From there, the idea for ‘Misery” was born.

I realized that I needed to be an artist and not a brand in my late 20s. I also wanted to be selective with the products and brands I chose to work with. BLUNT was one of those.

What are your plans to celebrate the Lunar New Year?

I love cooking with my family and enjoying a delicious meal together. We love to cook, celebrate, and eat together.

In 2019, you collaborated with BLUNT. What was your inspiration for creating a second, limited-edition print?

I am so excited to be collaborating on a second umbrella from BLUNT. BLUNT makes umbrellas of exceptional beauty, quality, and design. I have complete creative freedom. (Gold for artists). My artwork looks great on this fun canvas. It’s great to work with a New Zealand-based brand and see our umbrella being used by so many people.