Abel’s new Black Anise release has a darkly seductive and bold feel

New Zealand’s natural fragrance house Abel is not one to shy away from a challenge. The brand’s latest scent, Black Anise takes plant-based perfumery in a completely unexpected direction.

This unique fragrance is more complex, darker and sultry. It’s unlike anything else that came out of Abel walls before. This is a deliciously complex fragrance that breaks conventions and shows how natural perfumes can be rich, dark and deep.

Abel’s commitment to ‘one in one out’ will see the impressive Black Anise replace Grey Labdanum in Vita Odor’s core range.

The goal of the collaboration was to create something that would break the category conventions, and be more sophisticated and refined than the usual plant-based fragrances.

Black Anise is a great choice for those who are looking for a strong, sultry scent that’s not toxic, but still want to be attracted by the non-toxic ingredients.

Black Anise has a smoky, vibrant Amber with top notes of star anise, a cacao and black currant heart and a tobacco bottom.

Shoemack: “When we launched Abel our mission was to reinvent natural fragrance, to rid it from its 1970s patchouli shackles, and to show that by pairing unique combinations with innovative biotech naturals can become distinct, modern and elevated.”

In the past few years, a wider range of consumers have been seeking out alternative perfumes. “I truly believe Black Anise is going to make those who have decided against natural perfumes before think twice.”

The smell

Isaac Sinclair, master perfumer at Abel, says: “As with any creative endeavor, there is a point when you want to push the limits, see if you could play right on the edge and surprise everyone.”

Naturals are often misunderstood as being subtle, organic, and simple. Black Anise contains all natural ingredients, but the deliberate choice of powerful, dense notes like tobacco and star anise, paired with a rich fruity accord of cassis and cherry, creates a long-lasting, distinctive scent. 

One out, one in

Abel, in keeping with their ‘one-in, one-out’ philosophy, will remove Grey Labdanum, the 2017 addition, from production.

“We are very deliberate in what we do. We use natural products to reduce toxicity for us and our environment. We already have too much stuff on the planet. Every time we introduce a new product, it must be so good that it can replace a favourite. This forces us to slow things down, deliver real excellence and minimize excess”, says Shoemack.

The Grey Labdanum lovers loved it because of its edginess. We expect that they will be attracted to Black Anise’s rule-breaking attitude in the same manner.

Black Anise Eau de Parfum is available as well as Abel’s global network of stockists in more than 25 different countries.