NEW: Elizabeth Arden Advanced Light Ceramide Capsules

The launch of the Advanced Light Ceramide capsules marks a new era for Elizabetharden, and its iconic ceramide caps.

You’ll be familiar with how amazing it feels to apply these capsules after cleansing your face. The Advanced Light Ceramide Capsules are a continuation of the Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Serum and the core Ceramide Capsules. They have an ultra-lightweight texture that is ideal for combination or oily skin.

This first-of its-kind, single-dose capsule was launched in 1990 and has since become a staple of skincare for women all over the world. Elizabeth Arden, a leader in capsule technology for more than 30 year and with more than 140 awards around the world, introduces a gold standard in skin barrier repair.

The Advanced Light Ceramide Capsules contain Phytoceramides, which strengthen skin and Cyclopeptides that improve pore size. They are a serum with a fast absorption rate to help reinforce the skin barrier.


  • Phytoceramides mimic the most abundant and essential ceramide to nourish and strengthen skin
  • Cyclopeptides: Improves skin texture and tightens pores by supporting collagen.
  • Hemisqualane : Light emollient to control excess sebum


  • Nourishes protective lipid barrier
  • Refines skin
  • Restores a radiant and balanced complexion with improved clarity

HOW to use

Open the capsule by twisting it, squeeze on your fingertips and gently wipe onto clean skin.